Highway® is a integrated kerb & high capacity linear drainage system

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Highway® offers a cost-effective all-in-one alternative to conventional kerb, gulley and drain networks.


Features & Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces the need for expensive underground pipe work and cost of excavation.
  • Inlet holes along the kerb line for fast and effective removal of water from the road surface.
  • Large capacity channel that stores and removes water to an outlet, removing the need for frequently placed outlet points.
  • Supplied in pallet packs for easy manoeverability on site and packed to suit manual handling.
  • Available in both half batter and splay profiles.



Highway® is suitable for motorways, dual carriageways, commercial sites, industrial sites and access roads.




Highway® is manufactured using both wet pressed and semi dry processes and tested in accordance with European Standard BS EN 1433.



Strength: The strength requirements are met to the manufacturing standard. Loading standard conforms to EN 1433 Class D (Class D = 400kN: Public highways and general parking areas).


General Principles

The aim is to ensure prompt and cost-effective removal of surface water during and immediately after rainfall. Multiple inlet holes and the continous U-shaped channel profile enable system design which minimises underground pipework. This can provide a lower-cost solution than traditional gully systems.