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Product Design

Every scheme is different - and sometimes local conditions or contract requirements mean that a very specific type of product is needed. We believe that all designers should have the freedom to design their scheme in the most effective way, rather than around a product range with limited flexibility.

For this reason we're happy to design and produce bespoke products to meet your project requirements.

Case Study 1: High Containment Kerb Drainage

Associated British Ports in Southampton approached PDS with a requirement for a kerb that would provide high containment drainage and also ensure that Heavy Goods vehicles would not mount the pedestrian walkway. We were able to design a High Containment Kerb Drainage System that met their requirements and have subsequently had further orders for the same product.

Case Study 2: Hydrobus

Transport for London had a Bus Stop close to Seven Sisters Tube Station that was causing problems with flooding. The designer spoke to PDS about the possibility of incorporating a kerb drainage product for bus stops in any maintenance work. Because the kerb line was directly on top of the London Underground 'roof', there was a restriction of depth that meant our standard units were too deep within the surfacing. PDS were able to design a specific Combined Bus Stop and Drainage Kerb exactly to suit TfL requirements.

Case Study 3: Durrat Al Bahrain resort

In 2006 PDS designed and supplied 800 special bridge drainage units to all 13 connecting bridges on the prestigious Durrat Al Bahrain resort project - a residential, commercial and tourist development off the south coast of Bahrain known as the rising pearl.

The contract comprised 13 pre-cast architectural bridges with a total length of three and a half kilometers. Six of the bridges connect the 'Petals' islands with the main crescent, and six others connect with the atolls islands. One bridge will connect with the hotel Island.

Please contact us with any specific requirements and we'll endeavor to design the best and most cost effective drainage solution for your project.