Envirocrete Concrete Mould Oil


Envirocrete Mould Oil is a blend of bio-degradable oils emulsified in water and is designed for use in general site operations and precast yards. The oil forms a physical barrier between the form and the concrete with the surfactant working in conjunction with the alkalinity of the concrete to produce a high standard of finish.


  • VOC free.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Low odour.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Readily bio-degradable.
  • Clean equipment with water.
  • Non staining, suitable for white or coloured concrete.
  • Easy to apply by spray or brush.
  • Not easily washed off by rain.
  • Forms may be stripped early when concrete permits.
  • Does not prevent the application of other coatings, sealers and mortars.




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