Envirocrete Concrete Curing Agent


An aqueous solution of metallic silicates which when applied to fresh concrete forms a micro-crystalline seal in the pores, reducing the evaporation of moisture from the mix thus assisting in the efficient curing of the concrete. The aqueous element of Envirocrete Concrete Curing Agent will evaporate into the atmosphere and the silicates become an integral part of the     concrete, leaving no residues or deleterious material on the concrete surface. Removal is not normally required; the porosity of the  concrete is slightly reduced but the bond with subsequent coatings/treatments, whether on cast or trowelled surfaces, will  not normally be affected.


  • Non staining, non-toxic; ideally suited for reservoirs and other potable/wholesome water structures.
  • Water based, ideal for use in areas of poor ventilation.
  • Aids concrete to attain maximum hydration, strength, durability and surface hardness.
  • Shrinkage with associated with hairline cracking and crazing is greatly reduced in vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Extremely economical and easy to apply; a single film application only is required, using PDS' spray equipment or similar.
  • Compatible with Silane.



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