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Heavy Duty Drainage System installed at Strategic Maintenance Depot

Envirochannel 100% recycled and recyclable heavy duty drainage system installed at Polmadie Strategic Maintenance Depot, Glasgow

Client: Transport Scotland

Main Contractor: BEAR Scotland

Civils Contractor: John Paul Construction

Polmadie Street1

Specific Project Requirements

All the companies involved in this project demonstrate a desire to use recycled and/or environmentally friendly materials/methods of construction wherever possible. As such PDS were approached to offer an alternative with a brief that the system should provide;

1 - Material and installation cost saving.

2 - No compromise to design, performance in terms of hydraulics, load performance, maintenance issues and longevity.

3 - Full Compliance.

The primary functions for any drainage system are to efficiently collect and discharge run-off from structures. For this project there were additional considerations such as containment in the bunded areas and likely corrosive contaminants within the run-off. The large reinforced slab would also deliver large volumes of rainfall so our proposals had first to be backed with full hydraulic calcs with notes relevant to each run and its particular function.

Polmadie Street 2

Having satisfied all the project's requirement the material was supplied to site in July 2012 and installed within six weeks.

John Gahan (Senior Engineer) John Paul Civils

'We will always look at greener alternatives wherever we can however on projects like this we cannot accept any compromise on quality. PDS delivered a cost effective system of drainage that was lightweight and easy to install yet very robust. Across the whole site there were zero damages.

It terms of function, over the past few weeks we have had record rainfalls falling almost continuously across the whole completed and exposed slab area (10,400m2). The channel has taken the run-off and dealt with it. We will certainly be looking to use this product again.'

Contractor/Client Benefits

As a solid one piece unit with tensile strength the Envirochannel keys into the structure well. Unlike traditional grated systems, there is no surface load transfer point from grate to channel body and unlike slot systems it provides a reduced installation depth. Supplied in 500mm lengths it is possible to follow a low point across any surface whether splayed, cornered or curved.

Polmadie Street 3

Envirochannel has the strength to cope with all loads experienced on site during the construction phase.

Enviochannel has many demonstrated proofs of performance within heavy duty environmnets across the UK, Ireland & Europe.

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