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Envirokerb's Product Life Cycle Begins...

Envirokerb's product life cycle begins again having emerged intact from initial construction (2007), store operation (2007-2014), demolition and re-installation.

Precision Construction1

Main Contractor: Precision Construction Limited, Dublin

Dundalk Shopping Centre has now been completely re-developed with the new Tesco Extra Superstore ready to open its doors to the public. Construction involved demolishing the existing smaller store and re-working the access and car parks on what is now a much bigger plot.

In re-using materials already on site, Tesco and their partners have demonstrated a true commitment to sustainability in construction.

The Envirokerb combined surface drainage system was installed when the original store was built in 2007 and still remains intact on stretches beyond the new boundaries or within areas which have remained unchanged. A condition of the drainage design for the new store was that any materials/systems used delivered at least a like for like performance to what already existed and using Envirokerb again was the preferred choice for the contractor.

Most of the existing kerb-lines were ripped out and re-aligned. Of all the Envirokerb units removed (using on-site mechanical plant) all were re-used in the new and extended accesses along with additional new units supplied Feb 2014.

Precision Construction2

Our products are fairly new (2003), so to date we have had no examples of where they have reached that all important 'end of life cycle'. This project, our first example, we see as a 'best' example of recycling. Also, the strength and durability of the material/design in allowing removal and then reinstallation back into infrastructure intact is in itself remarkable.

 Precision Construction3

Ken McKenna - Senior QS - Precision Construction Ltd


'As a company with a clear and simple environmental policy our intention is always to reuse and recycle wherever possible. The existing units were intact, undamaged and therefore we re-used all within the new design. This would have been very difficult if not impossible to do with traditional systems.'

Envirokerb and Envirochannel are the ideal sustainable surface water drainage solution for retail/industrial projects.

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