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Envirokerb | The fully recycled kerb drainage solution

Since its introduction in 2002, Envirokerb has become recognised as the lightest, strongest and greenest kerb drainage solution on the market. Over half a million units of Envirokerb have been installed in hundreds of schemes spanning a growing number of countries from the UK to Germany, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia and more. Envirokerb is the ideal solution for kerb drainage on motorways, trunk roads, car parks and other urban areas.

Features and Benefits

Envirokerb combines innovation in design with unique materials to create a product that is strong, lightweight and durable. Read more about how our products can help you to meet the demands of health and safety, project efficiency and component quality.

Green Benefits

PDS take our environmental responsibility very seriously and recognise this is also important to our customers. Unlike traditional systems - which rely heavily natural resources - Envirokerb drainage is made entirely from recycled materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill within the UK and overseas.

Read more about how the green benefits of Envirokerb continue through manufacture, installation and usage.

Quality Assurance

PDS have worked hard to ensure all of our products meet - or exceed - all the legal and regulatory requirements under both UK and European law. Both the Envirokerb range and PDS as a company are certified under the internationally recognized Quality Management Standard ISO14001 allowing our products to carry the CE mark of conformity.

Accreditation table

Fully Supported Installation Process

PDS provide an Installation Programme for Advice and Compliance to ensure the full benefits of our products are realized and your drainage system is durable and long-lasting.

EnviroKerb Clickyzine™

Complete Product Range

Envirokerb is available in a variety of widths and depths in both half-battered or 45 degree splayed styles, with a wide range of components including gully chambers, rodding access units and numerous outlet possibilities.

Envirokerb is also available in a more compact version, Envirokerb Shallow. The shallower depth makes it ideal for linear drainage in projects where construction depths are limited. It can provide continuity with Envirokerb drainage systems from carriageways over structures. It can also be used for roads and bridges where low flows are anticipated.

For the full range please view the Envirokerb brochure or contact us to discuss your requirements.

What our Customers Say...

“We find using Envirokerb gives us up to 400% more production per day over conventional two-piece units”
Jonny Edwards and Son, Kerb-laying contractors

EnviroKerb & EnviroChannel - Reinventing the Road | Click here to view presentation.
Interactive EnviroMap | Click here to see EnviroKerb in action

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